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A black woman placing an environmental poster

A hub for critical and inclusive research on the psychological dimensions of engagement with the natural environment.

Image by Arthur Miranda
Image by ali abiyar
Fight._Photo taken during a protest afte

Climate Justice

 The NEEL blog series showcases interviews with academics and environment professionals on topical issues in environmental sustainability and climate change research and practice.

Our Media Exposure, Climate Anxiety and Mental Health (MECAMH) project investigates key influences on negative emotional responses to climate change, as well as how negative emotions relate to mental wellbeing and pro-environmental action around the world.

Climate justice foregrounds (in)equalities in how climate change affects people around the world. It is a concept widely used by campaigners in efforts to mobilise mass climate action. Our Climate Justice Perspectives (CJP) project examines how the term is understood by members of the general public in 11 countries.

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