The Nottingham Environmental Engagement Lab (NEEL) investigates the psychological dimensions of climate change and environmental sustainability. The ultimate focus of our activities is on generating insights to promote pro-environmental action and wellbeing. Our research projects reflect multiple different conceptualisations of environmental engagement including:


Individual engagement – what people think, believe and feel about the environment, as well as personal motivations to act pro-environmentally. 


Intergroup and interpersonal engagement – trusting, collaborative relationships between individuals and groups leading to collective pro-environmental actions.


Engagement as outreach – building environmental literacy and promoting pro-environmental action through effective communication.

Our research has a firm focus on engaging with the broad socio-cultural diversity that frames climate change and environmental sustainability as global challenges.


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Charles Ogunbode

Principal Investigator

Dr Charles Ogunbode is an Assistant Professor in Applied Psychology at the University of Nottingham, UK. He completed a PhD at the University of St Andrews. His research investigates how personal experiences, information exposure and social norms shape the way people respond to environmental problems. He is also interested in the relationship between environmental engagement and mental wellbeing.

Project Students


Ella Elba-Porter

Ella is a third year Psychology student at the University of Nottingham. She is passionate about environmental issues and how they intertwine with everyday life, including the interaction with social issues. Her final year project is investigating how religiosity relates to climate change attitudes and climate change mitigation behaviour.

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Ife Obikoya

Ife is a third year psychology student at the University of Nottingham.  She is interested in understanding underlying motivations for pro-environmental actions. She also enjoys reading and doing yoga! In her final year project, she is investigating the interplay of structural and personal influences in the life paths of environment advocates with a UK ethnic minority or working-class background.


Former Lab Members

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Aneira Rose

Aneira is studying for an MRes in Human Geography at  the University of Nottingham.  Her research project investigates perceptions of climate risks among urban UK ethnic minority communities. Her research interests are in environmental equality,  environmental racism, and the role of religion in climate change engagement, mitigation and adaptation.


Yasmin Green

Yasmin is a third year Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience student at the University of Nottingham. She is interested in people’s attitudes and behaviours towards the climate crisis.  

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Sophie Llewellin

Sophie completed a degree in Psychology at the University of Nottingham. She is passionate about understanding how people think and interact with the world particularly with regard to combating the climate crisis. Her dissertation project investigated barriers and benefits to engagement in pro-environmental behaviour.

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Katie Miller

Katie is a second year Psychology student at the University of Nottingham. Environmental and equality issues are longstanding interests of hers. She is excited about opportunities to these interestes with her passion for psychology.