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ENGAGEment with ethnic minority communities among UK environmental organisations

In the wake of the emergence of international climate activist groups such as Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future, there is growing recognition that ethnic minority communities facing disproportionate negative impacts from climate change are poorly represented in the climate movement. In the UK, this issue is couched within a chronic lack of diversity in the broader environment sector. The ENGAGE project investigates how environmental organisations are engaging with UK ethnic minority communities with a particular focus on identifying opportunities for promoting diversity and inclusion in climate initiatives.

Project Team

Dr Charles A. Ogunbode

University of Nottingham, UK

Principal Investigator

Aneira Rose

University of Nottingham, UK

Research Assistant


UK ethnic minorities and disproportionate environmental impacts w/Charles Ogunbode - Knowledge Engaged podcast series, University of Nottingham Institute for Policy and Engagement.

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